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Valves series 200 are now available with "V" Stamp!

We are very proud to inform you that TAI MILANO is granted the Capacity Certification and it is now authorized to apply the ASME "V" Stamp (Certification Mark Designator) and the “NB" mark to valves series 200, designed in accordance with ASME Sec. I.

Tests, as required by ASME Sec. I, were succesfully performed at the National Board Testing Laboratory.

We started selling these valves in the early 80s and we have sold around one thousand of them (for the full reference list, please contact us at ), yet now we will be able to mark them with the "V" Stamp.

This great result is an additional proof of the extremely high quality of valves series 200, designed over 40 years ago by the former Technical Manager Fabrizio Cecchi and continuously updated and improved in later years (now we can set valves up to 360 bar).

We are looking forward to keep sharing this journey with you!


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