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TAI MILANO has been granted PDO approval in Oman

We are thrilled to share that our company has been granted PDO approval in Oman for our spring loaded, pilot operated safety valves and buckling pin relief valves.

The audit taken by PDO certifies that our products are in compliance with all Shell Requirements, including SP 2345.

PDO, the state-owned Petroleum Development Oman, is the principal custodian of Oman's oil reserves and stands as the largest oil and gas operator in the country.

This achievement marks a significant milestone for us and opens up huge opportunities in the region.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our agent, Abu Ilyas, for his invaluable contribution during the approval process.

We look forward to contributing our expertise and products to PDO's operations and further strengthening our presence in Oman's thriving oil and gas sector.



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